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Kweight power supplies provide support for power stations

Website:www.kweightpower.com/    Date:2020-12-28

The lead-acid battery of the DC system of the booster station of the State Power Investment Corporation Wuzhongqi wind and solar power station was purchased in 2007, with a design life of 8 years and has been in operation for 12 years. The current operating capacity and discharge curve of the battery pack do not meet the regulations and site requirements , The entire group needs to be replaced.

All the projects use the mine Xin battery 2V300AH battery. This series is a fixed, high-capacity, long-life valve-regulated, maintenance-free lead-acid battery specially developed and designed for large-scale electrical equipment; it adopts high-performance alloy casting and grid corrosion resistance. Excellent, improve the battery's deep discharge performance; special pole sealing technology can prevent electrolyte leakage; the battery's positive plate adopts a special formula, so that the battery has good acceptance performance when charging. Mainly used in power, UPS, energy storage, chemical and other fields. The ability to operate stably in extreme environments is one of the excellent performances of power equipment such as Kuangxin batteries and UPS, and has been fully verified in the process of long-term service projects.



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