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Our Team

Kweight Technology Ltd which is one of the battery enterprises.Through joint development and scientific research with domestic and foreign institutions and enterprises, comprehensive strength has been close to the world's lead-acid battery industry first-class echelon, product quality, technical service can be called first-class level.The company has a professional production, research and development, installation, sales elite team;Won a number of technical patents, products to solar energy, wind energy storage system batteries, covering large, medium and small more than 300 kinds of different specifications of VRLA maintenance-free lead-acid batteries.

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12 years experience

4 new experimental patents

2 invention patents

Protection board and BMS system development


Chief Engineer

Lithium engineer.jpg

15 years of experience in the lead-acid battery industry

Bachelor of mechanical and electrical engineering

Battery system project experience

lead-acid battery enterprises

Lead-acid battery technology engineering


Development Engineer


14 years of lead-acid battery industry experience

Major in electronic information technology


Technical Support

Battery manufacturer.jpg

5 years of sales experience and 2 years team mange in lead-acid battery industry 

Bachelor of international trade and commerce

Rich experience in foreign trade especiall in Southeast Asian market and South African


Foreign Trade Manager

Lithium battery sales.jpg

5 years working experience in lithium battery industry

Bachelor degree in business English

Abundant domestic and foreign exhibitions and international trade 


Sales Engineer

lead-acid battery.jpg

6 years of industry experience in lead-acid battery industry

Bachelor of chemical engineering

Rich experience in foreign trade especiall in Ameican and European

Rich experience in area of car automobile, electric power and solar system


Sales Engineer


12 years lead-acid battery sales experience

Focus on high-end customers, multi-functional sales level and unique approach to win the respect of the guests, the example of colleagues


Sales Manager

2 years of experience in the new energy industry

Intermediate sales

Core Value

Team Cooperation

clear responsibility to carry all missions great goal, from strong team strength with love and vision ,kweight people will create, and work together to write the song of future

Business Philosophy

Integrity: being honest, doing honest work

Innovation: advance with the times and comprehensively enhance competitiveness

For eternity: for the long-lasting quality and service

Goodness: be kind to yourself, be kind to others, be kind to the enterprise, be grateful to the customers

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