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51.2V600Ah 30.72kW energy storage cabinet system

This type of power system is a special backup power system. The battery management system can fulfill acquisition and control of the information such as temperature, voltage, charge current and discharge current, etc., of the battery.


This power system is provided with quality cells, has scientific internal structure design, and is made by advanced production technology, therefore, it has the features such as extended battery service life, high specific energy, low internal resistance, outstanding large current discharge performance, and wide operating temperature range, and it is safe and reliable, and an ideal product to be used as the power source. 

Project nameSpecificationsRemarks
Rated voltage of battery pack51.2V/
Rated capacity of battery pack600Ah Test Conditions:0.3C,25℃
Battery pack charging methodConstant current + constant voltage/
Charging cut-off voltage57.6±0.2V/
Discharge cut-off voltage43.2±0.2V/
Standard charging current60A0.1C
Maximum continuous charging current≤300A0.5C
Maximum continuous discharge current≤600A1.0C
Charging temperature and humidity range-20—50℃ humidity≤95%/
System battery life≥2000Times70%DOD,capacity≥70%
System size1200*550*550mmWith wheels
System weight≤340KGSubject to reality
System communication methodRS485With display
Display screenLED 10 inch all-in-oneBattery operation information parameters (SOC/SOH/alarm log, etc.)
Operating temperature-10—55℃ humidity≤90%
Cooling methodNatural heat dissipation
Disconnect method600A Disconnect switchMain control box
Fuse protection600A Ceramic fuseMain control box
Charge and discharge interfaceDouble 2P 300A through connectorMain control box

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