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1.Plug & Play 2.Super output 3.Long life 4.Super lightweight 5.Safe and reliable


   KX-902 portable power station is a safe, portable, stable and environmentally friendly power supply. Suitable for camping in the wild, self-driving travelling, outdoor work, household emergency and other activities.     

   KX-902 has varied output interface,like 220V AC output, USB port output, 12V3A and 19V3.5A DC output as well as isolated pure sine wave AC output; 

   KX-902 can support a variety of charging methods, such as by charger comes with products, optional solar panels and optional car chargers. The power supply has  built-in safe and reliable lithium battery with smart battery managment system to protect products .

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KX902 portable power station suitable for indoor use and off-grid outdoor activities, such as camping, sea fishing, outdoor aerial photography, emergency rescue. Charge smartphones, tablets, laptops, radiators and small appliances on the go.

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