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We are committed to the new energy industry for 13 years, working with customers all over the world to solve the most complex challenges, develop innovative solutions and build a better world together.

R & D advantage

Kweight has an independent R & D center, and an independent application test laboratory and safety performance test room. After twelve years of development and five large-scale technological transformations, Kweight has established scientific research cooperation with multiple research institutes. The teaching practice base of universities, the comprehensive strength of kweight has become the industry's leading energy industry service provider.

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R & D Team

R & D team: Kweight has always adhered to innovation-driven development, and has gathered a group of elites specializing in electrochemistry, electronics, and automation. The core R & D team has an average of more than 10 years of industry experience. After continuous technical research by the R & D team, the company has made a number of studies. Achieve more than 20 patents.

Strength guarantee

· 13 years in the precipitation battery industry

· State-certified high-tech enterprise

· "Singapore Youth Olympic Games" designated power supplier

· Leading product technology

· Has an independent research and development center, a number of core patents

· Team management members have more than 15 years of management experience, cost effective control

CGNPC, PetroChina, China Huaneng, China Huadian, large-scale enterprises and institutions of the State Grid have established long-term partnerships

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Quality assurance

ISO9001 quality management system

ISO14001 environmental management system

Authoritative certifications such as OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system

Products meet RoHS CE IEC UN38.3 MSDS and other international standards

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Production security

Xi'an / Jiangxi Production Base

Full-automatic production line, unique production technology, large-scale production

Equipped with on-site engineers to continuously improve production efficiency and experienced management team to ensure fast delivery capacity

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Service guarantee

Products and services are exported to more than 100 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Russia, Australia, and Argentina

Pre-sale: Provide comprehensive docking services, major client project system, three-dimensional communication, one-on-one professional guidance services

After sales: provide warranty service, after sales technical support

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Production Equipment & Process

· It has automatic production lines such as automatic welding of lead-acid batteries, automatic whiteboard machines, automatic dispensers, and automatic production lines of lithium battery PACK. It has stable quality, strong production capacity and high delivery capacity, and can provide customers with high-quality products. 

· Lead-acid battery process: lead powder manufacturing, grid casting, electrode plate manufacturing, electrode plate formation, and assembly of batteries.

· PACK includes battery pack, bus, soft connection, protective board, outer packaging, output (including connector), green paper, plastic support and other auxiliary materials to form a PACK. The core procedures include processes such as feeding, bracket bonding, electric welding, and inspection. The core equipment is laser welding machines and various types of adhesion testing equipment.

Experimental testing equipment

With Intellectual Detection system, Rechargeable Battery Testing Equipment, Battery Automatic Screening Machine, Rechargeable Power Detection Device, Battery Automatic Welding and other detection equipment, to ensure high-quality products and quality.

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